Transfer Genesis morphs to Genesis 2 in Daz Studio 4.7

This tutorial assumes you have a morph you want to transfer from Daz Genesis shaping parameters or custom morphs to Genesis 2.

If you have a Character with various shaping tweaks then first create a single dial morph for Genesis 1 as shown here


1. Open Daz Studio 4.7, load Genesis, find your custom morph and add to favorites


2. Load Genesis 2 and start the transfer utility.

Source figure - Genesis

Shape - Default

Target - Genesis 2

Shape - Clone>Genesis

Projection Options

Change Use near vertices to 1000%

Uncheck all except for morph targets

In morph targets > extended options use From source - Favourites , uncheck projection templates + overide existing and below uncheck Fit to Source Figure and Smoothing

Click Accept

You can now delete Genesis 1 leaving Genesis 2 in place. Your morph will have transferred. If you cant find it, open Property Hierarchy and search for the name of your morph, Right click on it and click show in parameters

Your Genesis morph should show up, in this case under morphs>morph loader.

Dial up your morph.  Strangeness?

If so, search the property hierarchy , this time for Genesis, right click on clone Genesis then goto parameters and uncheck hidden

Close the property hierarchy and then in main Parameters tab find the genesis slider and dial to 100%


Your morphed Daz Genesis character should now look the same on Genesis 2

3. Export this combined morph as an object (mesh resolution base, subdivision 0) then open a new scene and load a fresh Genesis 2

4. Create a new single morph using the obj file you just exported and dial up your morph

5. Repeating the end of the morph creation tutorial, Go to Tool Settings>Joint Editor then right click in the view pane and choose Edit>Adjust Rigging to Shape

6. Goto Property Hierarchy making sure the search box is clear and Right click on Genesis 2 then ERC Freeze

Select Node - Genesis 2 Female and Property - Your morph name

Click Accept and check that the rigging auto adjusts when using your morph slider

Zero your Figure in parameters (right-click the small triangle with lines (the active pane options) Zero>Zero Figure

7. Save as Morph Asset then you can dial up your morph whenever you like

 The other way to easily transfer characters in Daz Studio is to use Gen X2 from DAZ 3D