Shadow Catcher for Daz Studio

Just a basic shadow catcher for Daz Studio 4.9.3 3Delight renders. Useful for adding shadows when you have an image as a background such as grass where you want a shadow cast underneath your object

-Add a plane, select it and apply shadowcatch to the plane suface

Let me know if you find any problem - actually don't  ...ok DO ...but I probably cant fix it :-)

Download Shadowcatch here

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Free HDR Lights for Daz Iray

Edit: these are ok but I didn't really know much about hdri lighting when I made them!

Render Presets for the new Daz 4.8 beta using Iray renderer

The presets utilize EXR pictures originally posted by  JamesCandy under Creative Commons Zero (Public Domain) License


Released under the same License CC0  Click here to download

Basic settings applied so will require tweaking as required per scene

Need more? Take your renders to the next level with Iray Light Manager Pro