Free Stock Footage from Hitfilm

Hitfilm are currently offering 25 free video stock clips including Explosions, Fireballs, Impacts, Muzzle flashes, Smoke and Sparks.

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Latest Freebies I Grabbed for Daz Studio

What freebies have I been grabbing recently? well...

18 Expressions for G2F by Divamakeup

Genny Bracelet and other lovely items from AllenArt

A Leotard for G3F from Fisty & Darc

Various Dresses (most useful for draping) from MissMMD

Genesis 3 Female PJ's from Wilmap

Free Soft Lights For Daz Studio Iray by VAlzheimer used in renders above

 Thanks to all!


Name That Color

Ever wondered the closest name of the color you picked for something? Well wonder no more - use "Name That Color"

You'll be finding Mandy Pink's, Shingle Fawn's and Totem Pole's in no time

Below is just an image link to


Genesis 3 Dress Resource

Dress Merchant Resource for Genesis 3 Female added to the shop section

Find out more here