Pouffe Prop for Daz Studio 4.9

Free Pouffe prop for Daz Studio 4.9+

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Daz Iray Uber-Sci Shader Presets

Iray Uber-Sci Shader Presets added to shop...

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Daz Studio Save Hair/Clothes/Jewelry as Wearable Preset

In Daz Studio you may add to your figure hair, clothes and jewelry from different sets and locations, mixing and matching things to get the look you want. 

You could just save as a scene subset, but there is a better way that when loaded again results in all items saved to be fitted to your figure and its fast - Save as a Wearable preset.

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Filter Forge 30 day Trial

A new video posted to promote Filter Forge. It can be used to help build image based materials for your 3d models.

If you haven't tried it yet I would definitely recommend that you do so. During the trial period the software will let you save the filter output as an image that you can use in your projects. Although if you buy now there is a massive discount.


Filter Forge can be used as a plugin to adobe Photoshop or you can use it as a stand alone application.

Depending on the filter, you can output diffuse, specular, normal, bump, metalicity maps and more at high resolution. It also gives access to a vast library of filters created and shared for reuse by the authors who sign an agreement when sharing that allows filter forge users to use the output files from filter forge as they wish. You cant say fairer than that!

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Tia goes sci-fi + poolside adventures

Tia for G2 female 

Poolside for Daz Studio 4.9 in progress, hopefully it will have some poses for Genesis 2/3 and water animations included. A preview below...