Mixamo Rigged Figure to Daz Studio

How do you get the easily autorigged figures from mixamo to Daz Studio without spaghettification horror happenings?


For those who have fuse and mixamo. You can get these auto-rigged figures into daz studio. Further tests reveal that Make human figures can also be rigged this way.

Just rig in mixamo as usual, export as collada.

Then Import to blender (edit-set a basic material to mesh if non present) and Export as FBX 7.4 - Armature FBX node type>Root

....re-upload to mixamo, apply a mixamo T pose, and then download as fbx with skin.

Import fbx into daz studio ;-) lower to floor.

Materials will most likely need re-adding/tweaking, but he figure comes in with a basic rig

It's not a bad way to get lower res background figures for your renders. Probably faster to a apply a pose in mixamo if that's all you want it for. The pic's below show the mesh and how the clothes are part of it.

More info Daz Studio | Mixamo.com

Morph3D - MCS 1.6 and Artist Tools Free

Morph3d.com have released Morph Character System (MCS) and Artist Tools free for a limited time.

The MCS 1.6 lets you create characters for use in Unity Game Engine. You can also change clothing, hair, accessories and weapons  which will adapt to your character, should their shape change at anytime.

Morph3d have a fantastic team of artists creating content (many who also publish at Daz3d.com) which is great, but now, with the ArtistTool's being released, there's nothing stopping anyone from creating their own niche content for unity games that use MCS

Unity is a game Engine (like UE4) There is nothing to stop it being used artistically but for anyone reading that is just interested in getting started with 3d art should try DAZ STUDIO and Blender 3d

Aikodotz Outburst

Messing around with Daz Mimic lite, MaryTTS engine and a lil 80's music

There are clearer voices included (or for free download) with MaryTTS, the whole program is free here

Chatbot's Get Together

I am trying to build a chatbot on botlibre

BOTLIBRE has a battleground for bots ready to go. It's an entertaining (I am easily amused) way to study mistakes and then change things to get a better chatbot (hopefully) You can also upload video of custom characters that you create in daz studio


 Its free so worth a try...