Animated plane Particles for Daz Studio

Kind of a test freebie. I used blender to make some animated planes/panes and used the great mcjAnimObjsToMorphs script from to import animation morphs into daz studio. The little plane is uv mapped


Load BoidsAnimated (its not animated) Then select it and add the animated pose preset (which is actually an shaping preset)

Let me know if any problems on the daz forum here

Download Animated planes prop for daz studio here

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Daz Studio 4.10 Pro Released

Yes! Daz Studio 4.10 pro has arrived

The long awaited cloth animation system is here in the form of dforce which allows you to turn clothing or other items dynamic for more realistic look, no more cling on clothing! (unless that's what your into)

 New to Daz Studio? Learn more here

Daz Studio 4.9.4 pro released

Daz Studio 4.9.4 pro was released... and its still free!

Improved material support, autofit/transfer utility, powerpose and more updates  are included in this release along with the Genesis 8 starter essentials

Get Daz Studio for free here


Daz Victoria 8 released

Victoria 8 has now been released!


Get 30% off the pro bundle that includes extra hair styles, sci fi and fantasy clothing, pose sets and 2 great new female characters right now by clicking here

Daz Studio bundles freebies

Been away for a while, but now I'm back ....and grabbing freebies once again!

Some great freebies for Daz Studio on the Current Daz Freebies page

Get the Stephanie 6 starter bundle for free if you don't have it..

I also nabbed a sci fi bundle, a dynamic dress and a few more things. So go grab em here!

-items mentioned free at time article posted-