NVIDIA Installer failed in windows 8

Well, having upgraded to windows 8,  I installed Daz Studio, clicked on the icon and found I had forgoten to install the nVidia driver for my graphics card as microsoft had done it for me - maybe not

Daz wouldnt start so I downloaded the latest drivers from nVidia and clicked on install but got errors "nvidia installer failed" or "could not find compatible graphics hardware"   ..whaaaaaa

For anyone else who runs into this problem, the solution was to restart windows 8 in safe mode -press win+R then type MSCONFIG and press enter, in the boot tab check "safe boot" and restart the computer ..then install the nvidia drivers while in safe mode.  uncheck safe mode using msconfig again and when you reboot the nvidia driver should have installed correctly

Make character look at camera in Daz Studio

Two nice scripts that will allow you to make your character look at the camera in Daz Studio.

The first is from mcasual - mcLookAtTheCamera.  Simply select your character's head an launch the script, check the options for neck/ chest/abdomen/hip as required and then click "do it".  If the camera is animated, your character's gaze will track it so you can also use a dummy camera as a tracking object only.

The second script PointAt Fixer helps get better results when setting eyes to point at the camera in Daz Studio and poses Genesis characters eyelids to better match the eye movement.

Daz - Aiko 5 Released

Daz have released Aiko 5 for Genesis...

Aiko 5 head and body shape comes with a hi res texture and 20 poses

for more info visit DAZ 3D


Blender 2.66 released

Yep, its out!


 Official release of Blender 2.66 is now available for download.

..exciting news is that rigid body dynamics is available without switching to the game engine

- Get Some! Download Blender 2.66 here


mcasual's Scripts for Daz Studio

Some great scripts that really enhance Daz Studio's capabilities. Digi-Dotz favorite is the awsome
mcjTeleblender script that takes a daz scene, converts and loads it with textures into Blender for cycles rendering with a couple of clicks.

There are many more. All praise mcasual !