Freebie Marble Texure

 Make what you will of it

Free Green Screen Footage

Loads of free green screen footage that may be of use to you here

Heightmap Creation Blender Template

This Blend lets you model surface patterns/shapes/textures in Blender and

output a heightmap you can use as a bump or displacement map in Daz Studio etc.

Just open in Blender, flattern the plane in edit mode (select all>scale z till flat) and

remodel your surface before rendering your heightmap out.

PDF with instructions included in the zip  --Thanks to MacroManJr !

"Heightmap Template" by MacroManJr
Released under
Creative Commons Zero (Public Domain)

click to download for Blender versions 2.67 or higher

Some Poses for Genesis Jade


Dawn for Daz Studio and Poser

Dawn, a new figure for Daz Studio and Poser has been released today. are offering the Dawn base figure, hair, bikini, some expressions and a few morphs for free - extra "stuff" is available for purchase on their site and others.

Dawn of a new ere DS poser