Up Next - Art prints from your renders

So, I'm finally going to check out having some 3d rendered artwork printed, framed and delivered. I'm curious to see how it turns out and will share my experience here on DigiDotz.  I've chosen the image shown below, although it will be rendered at a higher resolution before starting the process.


Blender 2.80 released!

Well, it's here :-)

With a slick new interface, super fast Eevee renderer, a greatly enhanced grease Pencil + more tools and gizmos than you can poke a stick at ...Blender 2.80 has finally arrived!


Amazing $2.99 Sale at Daz3d

Amazing sale going on at Daz3d at time of writing this! Many items are temporarily "Platinum Club" this week and cost just $2.99 if you are a member.

I bought the Earth for just $2.99! Planet Earth UTRA HD 32K for Iray Daz Studio ...but hurry as the items change daily ;-)

That's a quick render. I just loaded it and hit render as I was so happy to get it for that price lol

Daz Studio 4.11 Pro released!

Daz Studio 4.11 Pro release

Strand based hair comes to Daz Studio in 4.11!  Still awesome, still free.  New to Daz Studio and 3d graphics? Click below to get started ;-)

digidotz update

Seems I can either update the site, leave as-is and pay extra maintenance or start over. I still haven't decided because starting over I will loose the little traffic I get from web links, updating may be more work than expected and paying extra is barely possible. I will start uploading more freebies shortly and only ask that you click through on some relevant ads every now and then so that I can keep the site going. Thank you to all that have done so ;-)